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Profile of Pengshan Scenic Area

Pengshan area, is located in Lixian County of Hunan Province, is built by the 1000 acres of wetlands, 2000 acres of waters, 3000 acres of mountain natural landscape of national AAA grade scenic spot, the national five-star leisure manor, is also Hunan Province Institute of art photography creation base, Changde City Calligraphers Association, the Chinese Artists Association creation base, has a reputation of "ecological scenery, love Pengshan". The scenic area also contains an important part of Chengtoushan geological park. Currently in the creation of the national 4A class scenic spots.

Pengshan area is by Huacheng group to invest in the construction, under the lead of group, chairman of Mr. Liu Lianhua, adhering to the beauty of China, honesty is the first business philosophy, shine through the years, Huacheng have a professional management team. At the same time the company attaches great importance to the training and development of personnel, with a sound management, training system.

Scenic area is located in Pengshan, located in the west of Lizhou ten, because the shape of a statue of Crouching Tiger, before the Tang Dynasty called tiger. Due to people's gratitude for Wang, Peng Li Yuan, (Li Yuan tanggaozu twelfth son Fukuzawa Lizhou, and then built Temple enshrined the name Pengshan. Northern Qi Lishui River, adjacent Yan Chau, overlooking the ancient city, with thick the wins the advantage of geographical location, natural landscape, cultural heritage, dynasties dubbed nine Li Mingshan first.

Pengshan, watch the city fathers rice source world, a resplendent civilization of the mountain, is Liyang plain according to the water at Delta, Wang Ci volley of the culture heavy mountain, Qu Yuan's troubadour Lishui leave famous through the ages "Yuan Zhi Xi Li Lan" literary romantic mountain, is rich in geological relics, environment is beautiful and harmonious ecological civilization of the mountain.

Pengshan area at present the main points of experience into six functional areas, respectively is the dream homeland experience area, ecological oxygen bar experience area, recreation experience area, hydrophilic experience area, folk culture experience area, practice of Zen culture experience area, integrates the functions of food and lodging, sightseeing, recreation, experience, shopping. Green hills, clear water phase, four seasons flowers blooming like a piece of brocade. Let the mood swim in between the hills and water, Delta, will let you forget.

Aboriginal dream experience zone:includes food, housing, entertainment, sports, shopping etc. five major service projects, at your leisure and experience a people Po Xiang wind journey. Eat natural health food; live, Theme B & Bs, elegant room; entertainment, KTV, bar, chess and other entertainment facilities equipment; Education -- Chengtoushan Geological Heritage Museum, botanical garden, painting room, recreation; purchase -- from autotrophic homemade agricultural products, organic purple, four characteristics of fruit and other.


Recreation Experience Zone: Ferris wheel can be overlooking the landscape Island City, overlooking the Liyang plain, bending speed, 7d theater, the roller coaster, honorable person CS, bumper cars, merry go round, and other 10 kinds of exciting and interesting recreation projects, let you abandon all the troubles, enjoy the joy.


Hydrophilic experience area: Taking Lishui River as the center, to River Delta wetland as a foil, the water there are boats and ships, sightseeing boats on both sides of the scenery of mountains and rivers, on the shore of a camping tent, barbecue, bonfire, motel, Mongolia bag, food street and other characteristics of the project experience.


Folk culture experience area: traditional craft wooden juice tea oil, rapeseed oil, peanut oil drops flavor, brewed pure grain puree hole used wine Pengshan alcohol wine wine series of fitness and stocking of animal and poultry, farm pickled bacon and park ecological planting of fruits and vegetables to your palate, and more experience in the project have continued to increase.


Meditation culture experience area: to commemorate Li Yuan, Wang Peng is the construction of the "Si Wang Temple" is located in the garden, into the Wang Ding incense in the holy land, the side to listen to scholars of Zen, a vegetarian, a cup of tea to wash the mind.


Yuyangba ecological experience area: Pengshan area average temperatures are moderate, lush vegetation, good water quality, fresh air, mountains and rivers, dependent movement, known as nine Li natural oxygen bar library reputation.

Pengshan scenic two projects have been set sail

Pengshan area of a period of planning and construction has been completed, has started the construction of the second phase, mainly include China's first cross river bridge of glass and Hunan four water basin the most beautiful water flowers Wetland Park project, Pengshan create an attractive core national leisure tourist holiday zone. And the success of our model to the national radiation, has now started the national agricultural brigade major league.

Agricultural brigade Major League

One、National 30 farm transformation and upgrading of the national AAAA tourist attractions

Two、National 300 major leisure agricultural tourism industry alliance

We can provide a set of solutions for the alliance partners to achieve win-win cooperation.

   A whole set of scenic area planning and design, and construction plan

   A set of light investment, resource integration and win-win solution

   A package of Scenic Management and operational programs
   A full set of scenic marketing, event planning program
   A whole set of industrial chain and product industry chain to build, integration program

Alliance scenic upgrade and transformation objectives

One、Construction to become the national AAAA grade scenic spot

Two、National Health Industry and health resort demonstration base

Three、National leisure agriculture and rural tourism demonstration sites

Four、National five star leisure farm

Five、National agricultural tourism demonstration point

Six、National high-end pension industry base

Seven、National agricultural product safety production base

Eight、Provincial Youth Science Education Base

Nine、Provincial eco agriculture demonstration point

Ten、Provincial green food supply base


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