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Joy in the valley
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Joy in the valley

  Pengshan scenic theme hostel style, complete functions, spacious, quiet environment, vision. Open the window can enjoy green encircle, Zhaohui sunset beautiful scenery, smell the flowers fragrance, give you a night likes quiet fish dream reading month, waking up in the morning to hear bird chat mood.




--Topic B & B [HuaCheng] contains four buildings, a total of Bedroom 4 rooms, chess room 2, living room, bathrooms, complete supporting facilities, decoration elegant elegant, comfortable living.






--The theme of B & B [ChangXing] containing 3 bedrooms, 1 living room, chess room, dining room, kitchen, full-featured, warm and comfortable.




--Topic B & B [MeiLinYaJu] with bedroom 2 rooms, chess room, living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom and other decoration Chinese retro, noble and elegant.





--The theme of B & B [XiangZhangHongYe] containing 2 bedrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen, etc., spacious, comfortable and warm.


--------【Cultural and leisure center】--------

  Pengshan cultural recreation center is a set business meetings, painting and calligraphy art, popular science exhibition, theme banquet, accommodation and leisure in one of the cultural and leisure space, Pengshan Geological Heritage Museum, painting rooms, tea, chess room, conference room, multi-function hall, wine and other, including painting room is Changde City Artists and Calligraphers Association creation base, perennial Dan spit color, calligraphy fragrance.

Fine personality rooms, simple yet luxurious, low-key yet connotation, let you after a tiring day's travel, give you a warm and comfortable night.


--Reception center chess suite, fighting to no longer afraid of the night.


--Reception center deluxe single room, deluxe double room, clean and comfortable, warm decoration, complete facilities, open the window can breathe fresh air in Pengshan.


--Reception center of the sun suite, with the living room, large space, elegant decoration, clean and comfortable, complete facilities. Spend a great time with your family.


【Motor Inn - gives you a different kind of travel experience!】

--Lishui River, the scenery is good

--Car + tent + barbecue more with Oh ~.


Pengshan scenic spot

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